If some piece of technology you need is not working, don't fret! See if this can help:

  • For Prezi, just go to: - All of the Prezis I have are there. They aren't organized, but you should be able to find what you need.
  • If Prezi isn't working at all, check out the .pdf version on the appropriate Unit Content page

  • If a Bozeman Science (Paul Anderson) video isn't working, go to: - You will have to search for the video or just go to the Bozeman Biology 'channel' using the drop down box.

  • Check out - their tutors are even good at AP Bio and can help when you don't understand some of the content.

  • Use your textbook! Believe it or not, it really does have a TON of helpful information in it.
  • Come to school early tomorrow and ask me and/or use a computer there.

Bottom line: If some program goes down completely I will be understanding, but beyond that there really are no excuses. THINK AHEAD and don't procrastinate!